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Retirement advice for Perth residents

Many of the younger generation think it’s too soon to start worrying about retirement, while many mature clients think it’s too late. The truth is there is no time like the present to invest in yourself. No matter what age you are, what you do for a living, or how much money you have, no one can predict the future. That is why retirement planning today could be critical in your latter years. At Coral Horizon, we have helped thousands of people plan for their golden years, many of whom are forever thankful to us. Contact us today, and let us explain what we can do for you.

Make a smooth transition into retirement

The thought of retirement is scary for many Australians, especially if you have been working for decades, but it doesn’t have to be. Our team will help you plan for your post-work life, by developing a practical and stable financial strategy that will enable you to enjoy your golden years without the monetary worries that so many senior citizens face.

When it comes to retirement planning, we will create financial plans which work for you and your family, by taking all your circumstances into account. Our team of Perth-based financial experts will give you excellent retirement advice, customised for your situation. We understand that everyone has different financial circumstances, and we will conduct a careful assessment of your current situation before making any decisions regarding your future.


Superannuation is a retirement fund, into which your employer makes monthly contributions. Ideally you would contribute too if you can, and in some circumstances, in the lower income bracket, the government as well.

The law states that your employer must pay an amount equal to 9.5% of your salary into the fund, which will rise to 12% over time. This amount might start off small, but over time, it accumulates. This money will also be invested, reinvested, and grow over time. This should provide for a nice retirement fund when the time arrives.

You can start accessing this money as an income stream, withdraw the entire amount as a lump sum, or use a combination of the two.

Income protection

Income protection is not just about retirement, it’s about making sure you and your loved ones are protected should serious illness or injury befall you, rendering you incapable of working for an extended period. Our specialists at Coral Horizon will meet with you, assess your situation, and help you find an affordable product that will provide you with the right amount of cover should you be unable to earn an income.

Wealth management

It’s a fact that many people who are wealthy in their middle age, still struggle in their retirement. This is because they do not manage their finances well, and miscalculate how much they will need in their retirement. This does not have to be the case. With the right advice, intelligent investments, and good decision making, there is no reason for you not to enjoy your hard-earned wealth, while still having plenty to live on later in life. Talk to the experts, it might be the best investment you make.

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