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Why is my financial future important?

Without trying to sound too sullen, not developing sound financial plans for their future is far too often a complaint of retirees or those close to finishing up their career. The feeling of not being financially independent can dampen the otherwise star-lit years of retirement. Finishing up your career and settling in to some well-deserved relaxation is meant to be a time for reflection and enjoyment, however, all too often a lack of financial future planning serves to hinder this time. Ultimately, you are developing a sound financial future plan not for you today, but for you tomorrow. Your future self will remember reading this and thank you for making the best decision of your life.

Do I really need an accountant though?

Equipping yourself with an industry professional is the best way to ensure that you are receiving sound and robust advice about your financial future. There are many things in life that don’t require professional attention due to their limited impact on the course of your life. Financial, accounting and your superfund however, do not fall into this category. Ensure that you are prepared and have the very best in the industry supporting you and your financial future.


Why not one of the big accountants in town?

Placing our state of the art facility in Cockburn Central was specifically decided on in order to bring “big city” accounting to families and business in Perth’s southern suburbs. Our space was created to promote collaboration between staff and client, and to that effect, proximity is simply vital. The development of a collaborative work effort between our staff and our clients is what puts Coral Horizon ahead and carries significant benefits to our clients. Choose a financial service that opens the door and invites you in rather than one that would simply rather have you not cross the threshold into their business.


What does having an accountant cost?

The real question is actually what does it cost to not have an accountant? Coral Horizon has comparable rates for their accounting service to the industry but provide a simply better service. The team prides ourselves on providing a collaborative service to our clients and ensuring they are receiving a great return on the investment they having entrusted to Coral Horizon. Not attaining the services of an accountant can come at an immense cost to your future financial stability. Make sure that your investment results in the very best return the industry has to offer!


What is a Bookkeeper?

When looking for a bookkeeper in Perth, many people do not know exactly what a bookkeeper does and how they work. A bookkeeper’s responsibility is in recording financial transactions for a business, which ultimately helps manage cash flow. A bookkeeper in Perth should have excellent attention to detail and maintain a high level of accuracy. The duties of a bookkeeper are not limited to recording financial transactions, they also carefully assess all financial documentation and update documents when needed. If you require bookkeeping services in Perth, you can trust the team at Coral Horizon Group.


What is the Difference between a Bookkeeper and an Accountant?

Although the two occupations have similarities, there are also clear differences too.

Bookkeepers are responsible for recording transactions which are put into categories such as sales, purchases, payments and receipts. Reports are then generated and can be passed on to accountants or the tax office.

Accountants are involved in the declaration and measurement of key financial data. This financial data aids tax professionals, managers and investors in their considerations regarding distribution of resources.


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Coral Horizon would love to work with you to develop accounting and taxation strategies to secure you financial future. If you have any questions or need any assistance, click here to contact Coral Horizon or give our friendly team a call on (08) 9417 8211.

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