Arthur and Heather Hunt

Some years ago, when I retired, my wife and I chose a financial advisor, who adequately satisfied our requirements for many years. When he retired we maintained contact with his successor for some time before we felt the need to appoint someone more in touch with our changing requirements. During this time we were astounded with the fee structures associated with our portfolio. We spoke with our accountant and decided it was time to re-assess our situation.

He suggested that we could benefit with contacting Mrs Anne Cavenagh, proprietor of the Coral Horizon Group. We duly arranged an interview with Anne, and as we both felt comfortable with her and her advice, we asked our son, a chief financial officer with a large American company, with responsibility covering the Asia Pacific region, to speak with her. He offered to do so, as he had a sound knowledge of our financial needs and risk profile. This he duly did, plying her with may pertinent questions, etc. He was satisfied with her comments and philosophy, and as a result, agreed that we should permit her to oversee and advise us on our financial requirements. This we have done for some years now and we can honestly say we have been very pleased that we took this decision.

Anne and her Friendly, knowledgeable staff have always listened to our concerns and answered our quires, professionally and to our complete satisfaction. We are always greeted in a friendly courteous manner and important feel we have fully takin in advice and recommendations made to us.

We have much pleasure in declaring this endorsement on behalf of Anne and her Coral Horizon colleagues.